This Year, Visiting Santa is Like Visiting Your Uncle in Prison Upstate

Photo by Mike Arney on Unsplash

Santa has a cold

Innocently enough, Santa is taking a precaution to sit behind the plexiglass to ensure all he spreads this holiday season is Christmas cheer. Having this divider will keep all of the children safe so they can enjoy Christmas morning without a runny nose or fever.

Santa is shy

Sometimes, Santa needs some distance. Delivering toys to every girl and boy takes a tool. Having the divider will give Santa the space he needs this year to mentally prepare for his big night of deliveries.

The Forcefield of Christmas Cheer

The transparent plastic wall is actually a forcefield used to capture Christmas cheer that Santa uses to fuel his sleigh on Christmas Eve. The more you talk and tell Santa what toys you want, the more the forcefield gets filled with Christmas cheer.

In Conclusion

I think Santa has a cold this year.

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