Investing a little at a time, early and often.

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When my daughter was born, I opened an investment portfolio in her name. My goal was to put away $1,000 a year for the next 18 years and let the compounding interest do the rest. This plan would add up to a nice stockpile that would help with college, a start-up business, or whatever else she plans on doing with her life.

I wanted to give her a headstart in life.

At 2 years old, she has much more than $2,000 in her portfolio and has double-digit percentage gains.

Once I started moving money around, I got hooked on it…

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I have it in me

to meet my maker

and ask him why he likes to play

such sick games with hearts and brains

I’m finding reasons

to keep on breathing

and learn from past mistakes

I’m heading downhill

with no lights

or brakes

We carry scars from our former loves

bury our past using only our hands

kick the dirt to cover up the holes

I stand before you a new man

So I disarm

I’m as open as a child’s love

but still as uncertain as to the whereabouts of that

lost ring

that you’re still looking for

You want me to use that as a bathroom?

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In the early ’00s, my band used to play all over the East Coast on weekends. On this particular Saturday, we were on our way to Annapolis, MD, to play The Ottobar — a known venue to have well know national touring acts play while touring the East Coast.

We were excited to play the venue but not thrilled about our time slot. Not only were we booked to open the show (play first), but the show itself was a matinee.

We were the first band on the early show.

This pretty much guaranteed no one would be there. But…

Learning an instrument in childhood can pay off later in life and could even prevent memory loss or other cognitive issues.

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To say my life has been enriched by playing music would be an understatement.

In 4th grade, I wanted to play the saxophone. My parents surprised me by renting an alto sax from the town music store, then hid it in their closet. When I got home from school, they asked me to get my dad’s slippers from his closet, then followed me into their room to see my reaction.

I took it out of the case, and it shined. I was excited to learn how to play it, so I started taking lessons at school.

Once I learned how…

My wife and I are not those kinds of parents.

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For the last few years, we’ve seen on the Christmas card mailing list of our millennial friends and family.

We’re not the kind of parents done shopping in September or that send Christmas cards to people we hardly speak to throughout the year.

We’ve received half a dozen cards so far this year, and it’s making us feel like we dropped the proverbial Christmas ball.

Does that mean we’re bad parents?

I don’t think so, but here’s a list of things we were able to accomplish this month to help with our feelings of inadequacy:

  • We got all of our…

Santa 2.0

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I never thought visiting Santa could be compared to taking a trip to see your black sheep uncle in prison upstate, but this year is granting us the opportunity to live our wildest reality.

This weekend, we booked a photoshoot with Santa. It will be my daughter’s third photo with Santa but first separated by plexiglass.

She won’t be sitting on his lap. Instead, she’ll wave to him through a see-through plastic divider that will likely be wiped down with a commercial-grade cleanser between children.

Santa, like your drunk uncle, will be sitting helplessly behind glass, waving good cheer and…

Who knew a human thumb could wield such power?

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Brands and companies are constantly vying for our attention. In a world full of distractions, we must protect it at all costs.

The amount of emails I get daily is astounding, and trust me, I’m not that important. But it seems my attention is at a premium, and one of the methods used to garner it is through email.

After years of having my same email address (two decades), I must be on hundreds of email marketing lists nowadays. This means I get way too many emails to read on any given day. You probably do, too. …

Build trust using the voice of your customer

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In a previous article, I talked a lot about where innovation comes from.

It appears I have innovation on the mind a lot lately — where does it come from? When does it make sense to innovate? How do we know exactly what to make? I’m going to stay within that theme to illustrate a thought around trust in marketing.

I’m going to use the Paid, Owned, and Earned model for this exercise. If you've never heard of that model, here’s a quick breakdown with a graphic to outline how it works.

Paid media is any advertising where you pay…

There are plenty of resources to find what matters to our customers. Just take a look under the hood

Three antique cars with their hoods up
Three antique cars with their hoods up
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Instead of making wild guesses or making decisions based on feelings, there are plenty of helpful resources to find what matters to the customer, many of which we already have access to if we take a look under the hood.

Customer Service

I start with the frontline and work my way inward. They hear it straight from the customer all day long.

When I was the marketing director for three ecommerce websites years ago, I watched our website metrics, dashboards, and LivePerson customer service software like a hawk. …

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Creative writer of poetry, music, customer journeys and creative briefs. Customer experience-obsessed brand and digital marketing strategist.

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